Sometimes, despite all protections in place, an incident may occur within the Organization. This can present internal (e.g. an insensitive employee) or external (during a targeted attack, an industrial espionage or other) misconducts.

Then, we use technical investigations of Forensic Science and its web, cyber forensics. More concretely, it will consist of gathering all the clues or evidence in order to identify potential weaknesses and responsibilities. Such evidence shall be eligible to be accepted by the Courts of Justice.



The appropriate questions:

  • Who attacked the system? so that we can avoid future threats from the same person, even if its identity is hidden;
  • How the attack was driven? This helps to prevent similar weaknesses in other systems;
  • Did the attacker hide anything in the system that can cause additional damage later on?


To meet these needs, our specialists provide a range of services related to Forensic Science, by applying professional methods, using sophisticated and continuously updated investigative tools.


If the need is justifiable, we can help to set up a small turnkey forensic laboratory by providing:

  • Relevant Processes and Analysis Technical Methods / Directive documentation
  • Specific training on cyber forensics
  • Necessary Equipment (hardware & software)
  • Recommendations


Moreover, our teams are skilled in carrying out preventive exercises including sometimes penetration tests, only at the explicit request of the User.