MBIS provides primarily three ranges of GPS Geolocation Solutions in order to serve the diverse needs of its customers.

1. Iridium Satellite and (GSM/GPRS) mobile networks hybrid solution, very useful when it is required to adapt to changing contexts of work and also to save direct communications by satellite. It is particularly suitable for aviation Companies (FAA certified beacons) but also for Ships and isolated work sites.

2. Solution of exclusive monitoring by (GSM/GPRS) mobile networks Covers the needs of Big Companies that need flexibility and several functional specifications in order to incorporate into technological environment of the Organization (such as ERP, Payroll, etc ...). Suitable for enterprises that have specific needs and also administrations and wide organizations.

3. Economic solution by (GSM / GPRS) mobile networks for SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) which meets almost all basic requirements at the lowest cost



Our installations are always fully guaranteed; parts and labor for 12 months.

Being accredited by ARPT, our platforms are fully compliant with current State regulations. In particular, the transmitted data are encrypted and resides exclusively on our servers in Algiers.

Optionally, these platforms can be installed at the Customer’s location who then is responsible for full administration always with the guarantee and maintenance at the place of manufacture.