1.    Cyber Forensic Solutions    

We provide a modern workstation for the verification of the authenticity of all kinds of documents. It is enriched with much functionality and equipped with a high-resolution digital camera that scans a broad spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet.

E.g.:  Analysis and examination of banknotes or any sensitive paper.


2.    Web Access Control Solutions

Access to financial sector resources is highly critical. Therefore, it is recommended to enhance the security level.

We provide several technological solutions that meet the highest requirements of the financial sector.

          1.    Strengthening of optical and mobile networks Access Security by installing robust solutions such as using tokens.

          2.    Specific trainings on all the installations are performed by our Services and support according to customer requirements.

This type of solution is also adopted by the most financial institutions and administrations over the World (Banks, Insurance Companies, Ministries, etc.)