MBIS Company has developed over the past ten years an expertise in the field of Wireless and Optical Networks. It is through the implementation of major projects on behalf of Leading Providers in the field of Mobile Telephone Networks that MBIS has capitalized a strong experience.

This expertise relies mainly on a certified multidisciplinary team, dedicated to the support and operation of networks of various types: 2G, 3G, LTE, etc ... It is also enhanced with the assistance of several international partners.


We offer the following activities:

  • Support for your Wireless Network Services such as Planning, Maintenance and Operation according to the best practices (3G, 4G, Wimax, FTTx, FH, etc.)
  • Optimization of performances and capabilities of your Networks RAN (Radio Access Network) and reducing operating costs,
  • Risk and Audit analysis on 3G Networks
  • 3G Security Training



Corporate Networks have significantly increased in performance, reliability and security, but at the cost of greater management efforts due to the complexity of the involved parameters such as the evolution of the network (capacity planning), Management of facilities & configurations, follow up of anomalies and maintenance, tracking of costs, policies & security profile, etc.


With the support of several international partners, MBIS is able to provide the following expertise and consulting services:

  • A complete Design and Installations of Networks and all types of secured Enterprise (Optical, Wireless, Private Cloud),
  • Optimization of Operational Services (following ITIL* best practices),
  • Storage Solutions (management of archiving, backup, restore) including Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP),
  • Data center management and support to the operation of critical data,
  • Customized Training.


Our solutions are delivered on turn-key mode, ready for use, full warranty and support included.

*ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library