Our Service offering on Enterprise Risk Assessment and Security is mainly based on (duly certified) senior specialists team, procedures and rigorous standards application and best tools for diagnosis and protection of sector.

It is based on best market practices in terms of risk governance in Enterprise such as the implementation of a risk management framework as recommended in ISO/IEC 27XXX series standards.



We offer a wide range of IT Security solutions such as:


  • Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

Set up compliance mechanisms in your business processes according to the current regulation.


  • Identity and Access Management

Reinforce the security of access to your systems by setting up Identity and Access Management Solution.


  • Security of Enterprise Applications Systems

Protect your Critical Application Systems of Enterprises such as ERP, Financial Applications, etc… incorporating additional safety procedures.


  • Cyber-surveillance

Increase the monitoring of your Virtual Networks by a prompt detection of any intrusion attempt in order to neutralize it.


  • Investigation Inquiry

Identify the source of the incidents from the very beginning in order to safeguard the integrity of your systems.


  • Control Systems and Data Acquisition Security (SCADA)

Optimize security measures of data acquisition and control against any potential default.




To cope with the constant evolution of Organizations environments, it is intensely recommended to carry out partial or complete Audits on a periodic basis in order to ensure that all your security procedures are properly implemented.

Conducting an Audit exercise should be carried out by a specialized, external and independent entity.


To this end, we offer two types of services adapted to your environments:

1- Global Audit: Analysis of your security processes for the entire organization, compliance with contractual elements, physical and technological infrastructure, etc.
2- Targeted Audit: Detailed analysis of the department concerned, a particular application or a specific process.

Our Audit services are provided by a team of professionals duly certified. They benefit from a solid experience through the implementation of several major Audits (references on request)